About us

Our Mission

Educate by informing and raising awareness through the development of skills related to the environment and climate. It is by popularizing sciences, scientific facts and all current affairs that surround them that EcoNova achieves its mission.

Our Goal

Inform, amaze, and raise awareness in order to trigger informed decisions, positive actions and behavioral changes that we need.

Our public

Youth, from children to graduates and their educators.

EcoNova Education is a Canadian Federal Non-Profit Organization (NFP), created in 2020. The origins of EcoNova go back to the summer of 2016 when we created the first environmental education program for French-speaking schools in British Columbia. From our ambition to be the environmental and climate education platform for all Canadian youth, EcoNova was born as an organization.

We are very proud to contribute to the learning and understanding of ecology, climate, biodiversity and resources for young Canadians from Kindergarten to Grade 12.e We invite them to project their imagination into their future: the world they want to invent for 2050.

To achieve this goal we create educational resources for the classroom, hands-on discovery workshops, and science-based memorable competitions. Our program is aligned with the requirements of the curricula of the Provinces in which we work.

In order to educate students about ecology by allowing them to develop their senses, EcoNova Education and its partners design and build school gardens. With this educational tool, students can have fun learning essential skills such as growing flowers for beneficial insects, fruits and vegetables for local and sustainable food, and above all realizing the importance of ecosystems for our common future.


Since its start EcoNova has worked with over 150 schools across Canada, sensitized and educated 6,000 students per year and helped build a common environmental culture in different communities.

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