General conditions - Workshops

Sales conditions - Environmental Literacy Workshops K to 12

1. Booking dates

Once your quotation has been accepted, or your application for a micro-grant has been approved, or EcoNova has confirmed a free workshop, you must choose your workshop date within 3 weeks.

2. Number of students and number of workshops

Our workshops are designed for groups of up to 24 students. Over 24 students, a fee of $24 per additional student may apply. Please keep the total number of students under 30.
To encourage interest and discussion, we recommend that schools book a minimum of 3 workshops. This is recommended for online workshops, and mandatory for in-class workshops (unless expressly agreed otherwise by EcoNova).

3. Workshop conditions

To ensure that the workshops run smoothly, we ask that at least one teacher be present throughout. We would be grateful if you could ensure that your students are properly prepared for the workshop, in accordance with the letter of explanation sent to all teachers.
The classroom must be equipped with the elements or materials required for the workshops. A list is provided in the letter of explanation and reminded in the preparation e-mail sent at least 1 week in advance.
Note that if the conditions are not met, we cannot guarantee the proper conduct of the workshop.

Conditions for online workshops

  • Ensure you have a good Internet connection.
  • Make sure the class has a computer connected to a projector and speakers, and project the EcoNova team on the big screen connected to those speakers so the students can see and hear us.
  • Point the camera at the class.
  • Make sure that the conditions are right for the EcoNova team to interact as effectively as possible with the students during the workshop.

For our online workshops, your role is key: upstream, to prepare the material, and during the workshop, to ensure the active and supportive participation of the students.

Conditions for in-person workshops

  • Make sure that facilitators can show presentations and videos in your class.
  • Please make sure that the animators have an internet connection in the school, and that the classroom has a projector and speakers.

Teachers guarantee respect in the classroom.

4. Rescheduling

Pour pouvoir reporter et reprogrammer votre atelier, vous devez adresser votre demande à EcoNova ( au minimum 72h à l’avance. Un frais de modification pourra être appliqué. En dessous de ce délai, nous ne serons pas en mesure de garantir la reprogrammation. Un seul report est autorisé.
If the teacher is unable to attend, EcoNova will contact them at least 72 hours in advance.

5. Cancellation

Pour annuler votre atelier, vous devez adresser votre demande à EcoNova ( au minimum 72h avant la date et l’heure de l’atelier programmé.
If you have already received your materials, you can only reschedule your workshop for the same school year (or choose a new workshop without materials).
No refunds are offered. If you still decide to cancel your workshop, EcoNova will send you a credit to be used within a maximum of 12 months.
Cancellation is only possible for paid workshops. Workshops that are free or subsidized can only be postponed.

6. Unavailability

Please note that in the event of non-attendance at one or more scheduled workshops, if the workshop is offered free of charge, you will lose your right to it.
In the event of non-attendance at the scheduled workshop, if your workshop is fee-based, the amounts will remain payable by the school or representative organization. EcoNova will make every effort to reschedule the workshop, without obligation.
Any postponement or cancellation within 72 hours will be considered as a "no-show".
If the conditions set out in point 3 are not met, EcoNova reserves the right to terminate the workshop. The shortened workshop will be considered and treated as a "no-show".

7. Force majeure

Cases of force majeure may arise - such as natural disasters, extreme weather events, illness, pandemics or any cause "unforeseeable, irresistible and beyond your control" - preventing you from participating or postponing your workshop. EcoNova undertakes to propose a new date during the current school year and, if necessary, during the following school year.

8. Payment

Invoices for workshops and ancillary costs are payable within 15 days of receipt, unless otherwise specified.

9. Supplies Return

La plupart de nos ateliers impliquent l’utilisation de matériel. Nous expédions un matériel de prêt en amont de la date de l’atelier. Les enseignant·es sont responsables de nous retourner tout matériel, en parfait état dans les délais indiqués. Les frais d’envoi sont prépayés par EcoNova sauf indication contraire. Pour toutes question, adressez-nous un courriel à .

10. Respect for personal data, privacy, and participants' image

EcoNova undertakes not to divulge or sell personal data, nor to take images or videos of participants in its workshops or training courses without authorization. However, images or videos are necessary and sometimes compulsory, particularly in the case of workshops financed by external funding agencies (Vice-Versa, Ministry...). Please let us know if you have any students who should not appear in photos or videos. The animators may ask you to take photos yourself and then share them with us.