Contest description

In this second edition of our contest, 1.5 ALIVE wanted to reach the young Canadian generation, to inspire climate action and to change our perception of the climate crisis, from a remote concern to a major part of Canadians’ discussions.

As the planet is getting warmer every year, Canada sees more effects of global warming: forest fires, droughts, ice storms…these have an impact on our communities on a physical and psychological level. However, the rate of implementing solutions is still too slow to mitigate the climate catastrophe. We want to speed this up by soliciting the Canadian population and starting a movement from the young generations.

Who can participate?

Every Canadian from everywhere in the country from 12 to 21 years old can create a song or a video clip for this contest

  • Our contest will start on May 1st 2023.
  • Contestants can submit a song as an audio file until June 16th 2023.
  • Contestants can submit a song as a music video until September 30th 2023.


A cash prize of $500!

  • $250 worth of audio recording equipment
  • A professional-level recording session of the winning song with GMC Beats
  • A professional-level video recording of the song with Educaption

If you are a teacher and you want your whole class to take part in this contest, there’s rewards specifically for you:

  • A voucher for a pizza party
  • A voucher for one Econova workshop

Our Ambassadors

Ndidi Cascade

Ndidi Cascade is a Vancouver-born-and-based hip-hop artist who is of Nigerian/Italian/Irish heritage.
A songwriter, vocalist, educator, facilitator and curator, Ndidi has showcased her music, from classrooms to stadiums globally, opening for mega-talents such as Wu-Tang Clan & Femi Kuti.
Ndidi Cascade facilitates youth empowerment workshops that use hip-hop as a medium for healthy self-expression; she is also a cultural curator for the Ethós Lab youth empowerment organization.
Ndidi Cascade tours the festival and school circuits both as a solo artist, and with her collaborative bands including Metaphor & Mad Riddim.

Discover her work!

Powys HJ

Powys HJ makes positive music out of necessity. A mechanism to heal, attract and appreciate - music is Powys' number one spiritual practice.

His style weaves themes of bravado and vulnerability, all over a myriad of beats ranging from boom bap to electronic with trap mixed in. His inspirational style is perfect for his touring schools and youth spaces.

Come along for the ride with one of the most captivating performers as he shares what moves his soul.

Discover his music!

You don't know where to start?

Download these tips from our team and coaches to create your song and your music video!

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Donations and sponsorship opportunities

As we are a charity, we need all the help we can get to
make sure everyone in Canada hears about this contest!

Look at the winners
from the last edition!

Look at the winners from the last edition!