EcoNova offers funtastic and practical workshops about environmental and climate related topics. From K to 12. They are memorable experiences linked to the curriculum and allowing to start a class project!


Introduction to Germination - 60 to 90 min (K to 4) – In Class or Online

Through dynamic presentation and interactive games, students will be introduced to the life cycle of plants and their environmental purpose. The workshop’s goal is to familiarize students with the different types of germination and become aware of their environment's diversity. It features a hands-on germination experience in class with the equipment provided and mental breaks with engaging videos and dance to combine movement and learning while having fun.


From Larvae to Butterfly - 60 to 90 min (K to 5) - In Class or Online Available from April to June

The workshop introduces students to the characteristics of the most majestic insect: the butterfly. From its vital role in biodiversity as a pollinator to its metamorphosis, students will be fully familiarized with the butterfly's life cycle. The visual presentation will also be accompanied by dynamic and rhythmic games such as a musical coloring on the anatomy of butterflies and a Kahoot quiz or an original dance for the younger children. An unforgettable experience of breeding Painted-Lady butterflies in class will conclude the workshop, where students will follow the evolution of the larvae and their metamorphosis into butterflies in the aviary before releasing them into the wild.

In class, the larvae are brought by our team. Online, the larvae are delivered to teachers directly.


Zero Waste Heroes - 60 to 90 min (K to 4) - In class or Online with Rethink2gether

By combining comprehensive storytelling and food waste education, students will learn to become aware of food waste and its environmental implications in a fun and informative way. By putting themselves in the mind of a Zero Waste Superhero, students will be introduced to the Super-Villain of Food Waste and on ways to defeat it through practical solutions, adaptable to their age. The workshop includes art-based activities, collaborative discussions, and a team-building exercise to encourage creativity and motivation. This experience will inspire students to become agents of change by empowering their ability to impact society and the natural environment through their daily choices and practices.


The Urban Carnivores Around Us! – 90 min (K – 7)- In Class or Online

The workshop allows students to become scientific investigators to discover Canada's urban carnivores. An interactive activity will ingeniously guide students through puzzles to find clues on their mystery animal, such as imprint and feces casts (sent in advance). The workshop will present four other local carnivorous mammals and explain the environmental importance of protecting and recognizing these animals to live with them in urban spaces. Students will be exposed to original images of wildlife captured through the installation of a trap camera.


Worm-composting Investigation – 90min (G4 to 7) - In class or Online
The students are led through a theoretical and practical workshop on recyclable, non-recyclable, and recoverable waste in Canada. The workshop will include engaged discussions and a competitive Kahoot quiz to introduce the concept of wormcomposting. In addition, students will have the chance to learn how to create a composting worm farm in class as an easy and practical environmental solution to revalue waste organically.


Love what you eat! - 90 min (5 to 9) - In class or Online with Rethink2gether

This workshop engages students in critical thinking and discussion surrounding the food waste issue in Canada and the environmental consequences associated with it. Through interactive discussions, games and group activities, students will learn about the lifecycle of food, the environmental implications of using natural resources to produce food and the practical solutions for food waste reduction at home. The workshop aims to inspire our future citizens to participate in ecologically responsible consumption habits to achieve environmental sustainability.


My Carbon Footprint – 90min (6 to 12) – In Class or Online 

Climate action commitment begins with the awareness of one's carbon footprint. In this workshop, students will be sensitized and exposed to understanding the climate issues related to food consumption in Canada. In addition to dynamic games, they will learn to recognize the different sectors that cause greenhouse gas emissions and the evolution of their impact. Finally, after a competitive and fun quiz, they will have the opportunity to calculate their dietary carbon footprint to know where and how to reduce their carbon emissions practically and creatively.


Hydroponics – 90min (7 to 12) – In Class or Online

By uniting the collaborative and creative spirit of the students, this workshop will show how hydroponics can lead the future of human agriculture. This technology allows producing quality food with minimal environmental impact. The theoretical presentation will be accompanied by an engaging video and quiz, followed by a practical application of a hydroponic installation in class. The workshop will conclude with case studies of different scenarios of the future, such as agriculture aboard spaceships or in overcrowded cities, where hydroponics could be applied as an environmental solution addressing natural resource and climate issues.


The Climate Puzzle – 120min (8 to 12) – In Class or Online With "The Climate Fresk" 

Based on collective intelligence and individual critical thinking, this workshop inspired by the "Climate Collage" will bring students together as a team to recreate the climate change puzzle. The workshop aims to enable students to recognize and understand the vocabulary, statistics, causes, and consequences behind the climate crisis by combining theory and practice. Students will be asked to question, discuss, and share their own experiences, concerns, and knowledge and to look to the future to reflect on the next steps and solutions to fight the climate crisis.


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