Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - 2°C Max Climate Rap Contest


What is the 2° Max Climate Rap Contest?
The contest is created and designed to elevate youth awareness on the climate system and its disruptions and empower participants to take action and become an active part of the climate crisis solution.
The participants will be able to attend a series of online workshops over the summer holiday. They will then write, perform, film, and edit a video of rap on the topic of climate. The video will be their contest entry. A jury of experts will review the submissions and determine the winner(s) for each category.


What is the education value of the contest?
The contest is expected to satisfy and increase students’ interest in topics and issues such as climate science, engineering, energy, technology and sustainability. The contest is also aimed at helping students discover and develop their interests and skills in the arts including music production, song writing, and video production.


Who can enter the contest?
Le concours est ouvert aux élèves canadiens de la 77 to 127 (or 12 to 19 years old in age).


Can I enter the contest as a group?

Yes. You can enter as an individual or a group (up to 4 people) but you may only participate in one video/one entry.


What are the criteria and the style of the participation?

  • We encourage the participants to use their creativity and knowledge about climate sciences or their climate story. The general topic direction is – “Climate : Help keep our planet cool: #2degreesMax
  • All types of videos including live action, animation, claymation, stop-motion, music videos are accepted.
  • Rap is the main style of the contest, however, slam poetry, country, singing, or other musical artistic expressions are accepted.


What are the parameters for the video?

  • Entries will be upload on Youtube on the EcoNova’s Channel.
  • Entries must be between 60 seconds and 120 seconds long.
  • Videos must be submitted in MPEG format.
  • Videos must not exceed 55 MB.
  • Videos must minimize background noise while filming.
  • Entries that exceed the given time and/or don’t comply with EcoNova’s Contest Rules, YouTube’s Terms of Service and YouTube’s Community Guidelines will be disqualified.
  • Entries that contain explicit material, profanity, and nudity will not be accepted. We encourage entries to be bold, scientifically accurate, creative and original.


What are the parameters for the song?

  • Participants may use the provided beats, sound samples, or original sounds to construct their rap. No copyrighted music, visuals, lyrics, or other media is permitted within the video.
  • Participants must provide the lyrics as performed in the video in one of the following formats .doc, .page, or .pdf)


When does registration begin?
Registration opens on June 5th, World Environment Day, and is available on EcoNova’s website https://econova.ca/participants-list-2cmaxcontest/


How much is it to enter the contest?

It is free to enter! :)


Where can I register?
Registration will be done on the website starting on June 5th 2021

La soumission de vidéos commence le 1er Octobre jusqu’au 1er Novembre 2021.

Submit your video

What do the winners get?

  • La vidéo gagnante se verra offrir un enregistrement professionnel et le mixage de son travail, ainsi qu’un montage video avec nos partenaires et ambassadeurs GMCBeats et Educaption. (Notez que certains travaux de GMCBeats sont devenus viraux sur Youtube). La vidéo gagnante obtiendra aussi un bon de $500 pour l’achat du matériel de musique ou du type « home recording studio »
  • The second and third best videos will be offered a professional audio recording as a medley (a remix of the two videos) with our partner and Ambassador GMCBeats. Note some of GMCBeats work went viral in the past.
  • Les autres prix varient en valeur et seront révélés sur nos réseaux sociaux.

What’s the timeframe of the contest?
La partie éducative, comprenant des articles et des ateliers, débutera peu après l’ouverture des inscriptions et durera jusqu’à septembre. L’ouverture des soumissions se fera le 1September octobre 2021 et la date limite pour soumettre votre vidéo sera le 1September novembre 2021. Les gagnants seront annoncés en octobre et la cérémonie de remise des prix aura lieu en ligne le 12 novembre 2021 (date à confirmer).


Is the contest Covid safe?
Yes. In accordance with the provincial health guidelines, our workshops will be offered online. We are aware of the challenges that parents, educators and students are facing in these unusual times. We endeavour to create a unique, virtual opportunity that is both educational and engaging, to enrich students’ lives during the summer holiday.


Are there any restrictions regarding content of the contest entries?

We will not accept entries that contain explicit material, profanity, and nudity. We encourage entries to be bold, scientifically accurate, creative and original.

We also encourage you to visit our contest web page https://econova.ca/en/rap-contest/ as it will provide the most up-to-date information, rules and guidelines about the contest.


Who will be judging for the contest?

Le jury sera composé d’un groupe d’experts comprenant des éducateurs en climat, des artistes, des membres du conseil d’administration d’EcoNova, des scientifiques et des défenseurs du climat. Les renseignements sur le jury seront publiés sur nos réseaux sociaux.


Who’s organizing the contest?
EcoNova Education is hosting the contest. EcoNova is a not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver. It has been delivering high-quality educational content on environmental science, sustainability and climate change for Canadian K-127 schools and the general public since 2016. Working in both English and French. In 2021, EcoNova works with 70 schools, 15 school districts, reaching 6000 students and delivering over 250 workshops.


I’m interested in becoming a sponsor or partner. How can I get my school/organization involved?
For sponsor and partner inquiries, please contact us contest@econova.ca


I’m interested in supporting your cause. What can I do to show my support?
Our mission is to educate about the environment and climate change through popularizing up-to-date science and interactive activities inside and outside the classroom. Your support in any shape or form is much appreciated. We have set up a Patreon account https://www.patreon.com/econova where you can donate to help us deliver this educational and entertaining summer initiative. To support our mission as an organization, please email us at info@econova.ca

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